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Unlock more than 2x of hardware capacity from your cluster within 24 hrs

Significant ROI- 10x

Distribution Agnostic


No Change to Infrastructure

About Us

Distribution Agnostic- Works with Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, and Apache Adaptive- Adapts to changing apps, data, new hardware provisioned into cluster, new software patches 0 Change to Infrastructure- Works with existing Hardware and Software platforms Easy to Install- 15 minutes to install; no down time Generate IT runbooks (oprations manuals) dynamically

Customer testimonials

Performance Sherpa is solving a very hard math problem and that could permanently change the economics of big data deployments; we are delighted to evaluate Performance Sherpa!

Large ECommerce

Designation: VP of Analytics

Performance Sherpa holds the promise to lower my huge EC2 bill by half; I can find better areas to invest that budget. Why would anyone in their right mind not try Performance Sherpa?

Large Online Gaming

Designation: VP of Analytics

I feel the frustration that my users feel when they see unused compute capacity in their queues but can not access it. Performance Sherpa helps us close this gap without a team of engineers having to constantly handhold thousands of jobs all day on our multi-tenant clusters. Excited to try out Performance Sherpa!

Large Online Gaming

Designation: Sr. Director of Analytics

The POC results are very impressive and I am pleasantly surprised by their use of AI to improve the age old problem of managing application performance at scale! In production, Performance Sherpa could open up hidden capacity on our clusters and save us millions.

Large AdTech

Designation: Director of Operations Engineering